Chemical products

Kimiafaravar Company is a manufacturer of chemical compounds based on aluminum. These products are widely used in water and wastewater treatment units as well as the paper industry.

گسکت فلزی

17% aluminum sulfate

Aluminum sulfate is a crystalline product in the form of lumps, granules or powder whose solution in water has an acidic pH.


Aluminum Chloride

Polyaluminum chloride is a high-efficiency coagulant that has good performance for water or wastewater treatment. The advantages of this product include reducing sludge, minimum need to adjust the pH, reducing open filters, higher water quality and better efficiency for water and effluents at low temperatures.


Kimia Flower Decoration Sponge

Kimia flower arrangement sponge is produced in order to keep the moisture of natural cut flower stems cut in flower baskets and other flower arrangement necessities. The use of this type of sponge due to the absorption of water by the stems significantly increases the durability of cut flowers.


Kimiafravar Company was established in 1997. This company produces all kinds of industrial gourds that are mainly used in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant and chemical industries.

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